Athletic Administrator

Athletic Administrator

NIAAA Membership Committee Member
NJSIAA Executive Board Member
Shore Conference of High Schools Executive Member
Shore Conference Boys Lacrosse Tournament Director

Long Branch High School
Long Branch Middle School
Interscholastic/Recreational Elementary Mini-Clinics


The Long Branch School District believes athletics and extracurricular activities are an integral part of the students’ education.  We strive to meet high standards of sportsmanship, responsibility, dedication, and devotion to sport, school and family.

The mission of athletic and extracurricular activities is to provide an environment that will compliment and enrich the overall quality of all students’ educational experiences. The emphasis of the program is to provide opportunities that encourage the pursuit of lifetime activities, a sense of commitment and teamwork, and the development of personal character while maintaining an environment that values cultural diversity and gender among its students, athletes, coaches, and advisors.


Athletic and extracurricular programs are an extension of the academic day where our coaches/advisory staff is charged with the responsibility of challenging and developing students, both technically and emotionally, in a positive manner, using both praise and constructive criticism.

As members of the Long Branch School District athletic and extracurricular program, students and coaches/advisors are expected to demonstrate proper respect for each other, other teams, coaches, teammates, officials, spectators and equipment. Student athletes, coaches and advisors are expected to exhibit the highest level of conduct, both on or off the playing field, and in and out of the classroom as they are, at all times, representatives of their team, school and community.